In order to implement your change management successfully,  

Prismace Interim Change Management provides a transparent and direct approach. Erik is an Interim Change and Crisis Manager with HSE knowledge and over 20 years of expertise in several fields.

Prismace Consultancy provides change management services and handles crisis situations to make your organisation perform better and more efficient.


What is needed for an

Effective Change Management implementation 

in complex organisations?

Erik's key expertise areas:
Effective Change &
Crisis Management

Handling crisis situations and changing an organisation starts by moving people towards the right steps. Making tasks and processes easier starts by the right mindset. Prismace starts with a strategy and plan and makes sure that all stakeholders in your organisation are aligned, to take steps towards your vision.


With the right easy-to-read manuals and risk assessments, Prismace achieves results by offering simple and practical solutions. Our expertise:

  • Behavioral Based Safety Management

  • Corporate Safety Management Systems

HSE (health, safety & environmental)

In order to manage all operations effectively in terms of Health, Safety & Environmental services, Prismace implements HSE strategies and provides:

  • Incident investigation

  • Subcontractor HSE management,

  • Audits/ HSE Inspections

Training & Education

Erik gives trainings in:

  • Incident investigation training: Tripod Beta Management & Oversight and risk Tree analysis (MORT)

  • Setting up a Safety management system

  • Occupational hazard identification training 

  • Behavioural Based Safety

  • Change Management

  • Environmental management 

Prismace offers services in these industries:

Maritime Sector



infrastructure projects

Logistics, distribution/


Insurance companies (case/ incident investigation

Governmental bodies

Do you work in a different industry?

Contact Prismace to discuss the possibilities.

When to hire Prismace 
(NL or International)

HSE Management (Health Safety Environmental) 


corporate or project-specific 

Prismace can deliver day to day HSE management for a project or from a corporate level. 


Change HSE management

Prismace defines change management as the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve the desired outcome.


Crisis HSE management

Prismace can deal with a disruptive and unexpected HSE event that threatens to harm the organization. Three elements are common to a crisis:

(a) a threat to the organization

(b) the element of surprise

(c) a short decision time

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Interim HSE management

Prismace delivers the provision of effective business solutions by an independent, board or near-board level manager or executive, over a finite time span. 

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