Prism is a transparent element that refracts light.

This is a symbolic name for transparency, reliability, genuity, trust

and efficiency + Ace meaning a skilful expert.

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About Prismace

Prismace Consultancy's approach in Healthy, Environment and Safety strategies is direct and objective.

Erik sees the core values and bottlenecks of global business management activities directly and tackles these from the start of every project.


Prismace knows that safety, health and environmental management are not easy to maintain

and be implemented within an organization. The last means change and change often is perceived as a nuisance. Have we not all heard people say, "Why change? We have 20 years of experience; we don't have to change. 


Change management can be a challenge for whole organisations because it requires every stakeholder to change. Erik's unique 'direct-to-the-core' approach challenges people to give their best effort to make your organisation thrive.


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Prismace Consultancy Core Values

What does Prismace Consultancy promise in every project?

Always act with integrity

Be genuine and

have a no-nonsense approach

Be independent and objective

Demonstrate leadership and

be a high-end expert in the industry


Createstrust and transparency

Change Management according to International Standards

Prismace believes that change management should ultimately make the task easier and not more difficult. It also believes that people need to have the right mindset to set up a safety management system and intrinsically change processes or train their employees. Prismace has the know-how to ensure that your people, the process systems and the company can eventually work as they should, following the required national and international standards.

It is by making easy-to-read manuals, risk assessments, or sketching a legal and useful strategic plan. Prismace achieves results by offering simple and practical solutions with a customized approach to everyday business problems.

Furthermore, as last but not least, Prismace will always do the utmost best to lower your cost by providing services on an as-needed basis.

Do you want to find an interim change management consulting with experience in HSE? Find out about our services.

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