Prismace Consultancy is the 'black sheep' in global business management activities of Safety, Health, Environment.

Prismace knows that safety, health and environmental management is not easy to maintain and let alone be implemented within an organization. The previous means change and change often is perceived as a nuisance. Have we not all heard people say, "Why change? We have 20 years of experience; we don't have to change.

Prismace also knows that every company is unique and requires a new approach when change is needed.

Prismace believes that change management should ultimately make the task easier and not more difficult. From how to get people to have the right mindset to setting up an safety management system and intrinsically changing processes or training your employees. Prismace has the know-how to ensure that your people, the process systems and the company can eventually work as they should, in accordance with the required national and international standards.
Whether it is by making easy-to-read manuals, risk assessments or by sketching a legal and useful strategic plan. Prismace achieves results by offering simple and practical solutions with a customized approach to everyday business problems.
Furthermore as last but definitely not the least, Prismace always will do the utmost best to lower your cost by providing services on an as-needed basis.

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   Prismace's Core Values 

  • Prismace always acts with integrity
  • Prismace creates trust and transparency
  • Prismace demonstrates leadership and is a high-end expert in the industry
  • Prismace is independent and objective
  • Prismace is genuine and has a no-nonsense approach